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Update on Polly, a mare found in corn field in Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire

One of the emaciated mares recently taken in by The Horse Trust continues to make steady progress.

Polly has now moved from The Horse Trust’s isolation unit to the special care unit on the main yard as she has shown no signs of disease during a two week observation period and has been cleared of the highly contagious equine disease Strangles. She moved the distance between the two units – just under half a mile – by trailer, as she was too weak to walk that distance herself.

Polly is now next door neighbour to one of The Trust’s other rescued ponies, Hamish, who is on box rest whilst he recovers from a broken pelvis. She also seems to be enjoying the extra human attention she receives on the main yard and regularly whickers at staff and visitors.

Polly is now allowed some access to grazing and is enjoying her time out so much that she frequently doesn’t want to go back into her stable! Staff have gradually built up the amount of time she spends grazing to reduce the risk of digestive upsets and she is now turned out on the grass in the main yard for three hours a day.

Although Polly is starting to show some improvement, her condition remains very serious and she has a long road to recovery ahead of her. She still needs to be fed at regular intervals through the evening and is monitored closely by The Horse Trust staff for any signs of her condition worsening. Polly’s companion, Penny, was found to have enormous numbers of encysted small redworm living in her gut wall and it is likely that Polly has the same problem. She has been treated for her high worm burden but may need further treatments in order to get the infection under control.

She receives regular visits from the vet and her diet and routine are constantly reviewed to ensure she is receiving the best care possible.

Staff at The Horse Trust continue to do everything that they can to ensure her survival.

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