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Teddy and George visit Bucks County Show

Last week rescue pony Teddy, who recently celebrated his first birthday, attended Bucks County Show with his best friend, 36 year old Shetland pony George. The trip was Teddy’s first outing and his very first time on the Horse Trust lorry. Teddy walked up the ramp as if it was something he had been doing his whole life. What a pro! Teddy and George settled into their home for the day quickly, munching on hay, inspecting the new grass and of course meeting their fans and sponsors.

Teddy’s struggle to survive has won the hearts of everyone who has heard about him, and he even has a legion of devoted fans who follow his stories on Facebook. Since the launch of our brand new sponsorship scheme, Teddy also now has a dedicated group of sponsors who sponsor him from as little as £2 a month. Many of Teddy’s fans and sponsors came to Bucks County Show especially to meet him and George and everybody was astounded at how amazing Teddy looks 10 months on from his ordeal.

Visitors to The Horse Trust stand could also browse our range of merchandise or buy some raffle tickets for our summer raffle. They could also sign up to become a sponsor of Teddy. Sponsors receive a personalised certificate, fact sheet, Teddy photo, regular updates and a host of other benefits.

Teddy was left to die on the side of a road in Buckinghamshire aged just 8-weeks old in September 2012. Tiny Teddy was so emaciated and ill that he was rushed to the Royal Veterinary College where he spent weeks in intensive care. His chances of survival were slim but Teddy never gave up his fight for life. Thanks to months of specialist care by his vets and the love and dedication of the staff at The Horse Trust, Teddy gradually began to recover. 36 year old Shetland Pony George took on the important role of being Teddy’s best friend and role model. Gorgeous George kept Teddy company and taught him how to be a pony. Teddy was rescued by Thames Valley Police with help from Buckinghamshire County Councillor and Cabinet Spokeswoman for Countryside Ruth Vigor-Hedderly. At Bucks County Show Teddy was reunited with Ruth, 10 months after she helped rescue him from the side of the road.

Ruth said ‘I am delighted to see Teddy has made excellent progress. Members of the public need to understand the commitment and dedication that the Horse Trust give not only to sick animals but the after care, that is given for the ex police and military horses, that they have in their care.   We are very fortunate in Buckinghamshire to have such an outstanding and professional organisation who engage with the police, Buckinghamshire County Council, and other outside organisations to improve the quality of life for equines’.

To find out more about sponsoring Teddy, or one of our other horses, ponies or donkeys please follow this link or call 01494 488464.

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