Will You Remember Us?

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to The Horse Trust in your Will.

Mrs Ivy Gladys Lyle

Mrs Ivy Gladys Lyle and with her dog

Mrs Ivy Gladys Lyle

Many of our achievements and successes over the years have been made possible by people who have had the foresight and generosity to leave a gift to The Horse Trust in their will.

Mrs Ivy Gladys Lyle was one of the people who included The Horse Trust in her will. Mrs Lyle dedicated her life to the care of those people and animals around her. She absolutely adored horses in particular so it is an incredibly touching and fitting tribute that her extremely generous legacy will go so far towards the horses, ponies and donkeys in our care. Her niece, Anastasia Daniells, worked so closely with The Horse Trust in carrying out her late aunt’s wishes and ensuring that her legacy would be remembered for years to come.

The Horse Trust is the oldest horse charity in the world. We were founded in 1886 by a remarkable woman named Ann Lindo, who was inspired by the novel ‘Black Beauty’ to do all she could to help the working horses of London.

130 years on, we still remain dedicated to caring for working horses. Today we do this by providing a dignified retirement for those horses and ponies that have spent their working lives serving their country or communities in the police, military or at other charities. We also care for local horses, ponies and donkeys who have suffered from cruelty or neglect. It costs us £5,600 per year to care for each of the 150 horses, ponies and donkeys at our Home of Rest for Horses and we could not do this without the generosity of our supporters.
Our work has continued to expand to meet the changing needs of horses, and today we aim to improve welfare for horses, ponies and donkeys across the UK. We achieve this by providing training for professionals working on the frontlines of horse welfare such as local authority inspectors, the Police and other charities. We are also one of the UK’s leading funders of non-invasive veterinary research. Research funded by The Horse Trust has helped contribute to major advances in equine science, giving veterinarians a far greater understanding of the many diseases and ailments that affect the horse family. This knowledge helps improve the health and welfare of all horses.

Many of our achievements and successes over the years were made possible by people who had the generosity and foresight to remember our work by leaving a legacy in their Will. In fact, the vast majority of our work is funded by income from legacies. For 130 years, Ann Lindo’s legacy has help improve the lives of thousands of horses, ponies and donkeys, but there is so much more we can do. Leaving a legacy in your Will is a lasting way in which you can support The Horse Trust so that we are able to continue to make a difference for horses in the years to come.

You do not need to leave a huge gift in your Will to make a difference. Every penny counts and every gift whether great or small, help us improve the lives of horses.

Should you require any further information about legacies or wish to pledge a gift in your Will please contact The Horse Trust by phone or email.

Leaving a Gift to The Horse Trust

If you wish to leave a gift to charity when you die it is essential that you make a Will. Without a Will, you have no say in how your estate is divided up and you may find that family, friends or a special cause do not benefit as you would wish. When you are making your Will, your first concern will naturally be for your own family and friends. However, once you have ensured you have properly provided for them, you may also wish to consider using your Will to help support The Horse Trust.

There are three ways that you can make a big difference by leaving us a gift in your Will:

  1. Leave a residuary legacy: After providing for friends and family, you can decide to leave the remainder of your estate, or a percentage of the remainder to The Horse Trust. A residuary legacy ensures your family are provided for first, and your gift may grow over time as the value of your estate increases.
  2. Leave a pecuniary legacy: A pecuniary legacy is the gift of a specific amount of money. By leaving a pecuniary legacy to The Horse Trust you can fix an amount in your Will, but its value may be reduced over the years by inflation so you may wish to review the amount in future years.
  3. Leaving a specific legacy: A specific legacy is the gift of a physical item or items in your Will to The Horse Trust. This may, for example, be property, shares or jewellery.

Whichever way you choose, the decision to leave The Horse Trust a gift in your Will would help improve the lives of horses for many years to come. If your estate is liable to Inheritance Tax, you could reduce the amount due by choosing to give money to charity. If you leave a gift to a charity in your Will, its value will be deducted from your estate before Inheritance Tax is worked out. Gifts made before your death may also qualify for exemption*.

When leaving a gift to a charity you should make sure that the full details of the charity are set out in your Will, particularly if the charity is not well known. The full name of the charity, its registered address and its registered charity number should be stated. If you wish to leave a gift for a specific purpose, this should also be stated. If you would like to include a gift to The Horse Trust in your Will or are considering amending your existing Will with a Codicil, we suggest using the following legal wording:

“I give <add your own chosen percentage of your estate or amount here> to The Horse Trust of Slad Lane, Speen, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire HP27 0PP, Registered Charity number 231748 for general charitable purposed and I declare that the receipt from the Finance Manager or other officer of The Horse Trust shall be a full and sufficient discharge for said legacy.”

If you have any questions about leaving a gift to The Horse Trust in your Will please contact Alice Morgan by email or call on 01494 488464.

Thank you.

In Memory

Making a gift in memory of a friend, family member or a beloved horse is a unique and special way to honour the life of a loved one whilst making a difference for horses.

There are lots of ways that you can remember someone special. Many people choose to make donations to The Horse Trust, often in lieu of flowers or from a funeral collection. Others choose to take part in an event or activity to raise funds in memory of a loved one. You may also choose to leave a lasting tribute here at our Home of Rest for Horses, such as donating a memorial plaque or bench.

Giving a gift is a wonderful way to make a lasting tribute to someone who loved horses by supporting the animals that meant so much to them. Any gift no matter how big or small, will help make a difference to the lives of horses today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

There are a number of ways you may choose to remember a loved one:

Book of Remembrance

Our Book of Remembrance is kept permanently in The Horse Trust’s Archive, which has records dating back to 1886. We annually record in our Book of Remembrance the names of those who have chosen to leave us a legacy. Entries can also be made by those wishing to remember a loved one and for whom a donation of £50 or more was specifically made in the person’s memory. We also have a dedicated Book of Remembrance for those who wish to remember a beloved horse, pony or donkey.

Sponsor a Horse in Memory of a Loved One

You may choose to sponsor one of our retired or rescued horses, ponies or donkeys in memory of a loved one. Sponsorship starts at £30 per year. Please contact us for more information.

Memorial Plaques

A plaque is a poignant tribute and lasting symbol of remembrance to a loved one or a cherished horse. There are four types of plaque to choose from:

  1. Small engraved plaque (with name and date) – £500*
  2. Engraved slate plaque on stable door in the courtyard – £1,500*
  3. Engraved slate plaque on stable door in the front yard – £3,000*
  4. Bench with engraved plaque – £4500 (subject to availability)

Naming Opportunities

We have a very limited number of special opportunities to permanently name one of the buildings or facilities at our Home of Rest for Horses, including our sand school, equine treatment clinic, horse walker, isolation unit or special care unit. Naming opportunities are available from £20,000 and further details are available on request.

*Plaques will be displayed for 10 years
Plaques will be displayed for the reasonable life of the bench

For a confidential discussion about making a donation in memory of a loved one or to arrange a visit to discuss your options, please contact Alice Morgan on 01494 488464 or if you prefer send an email.

Leaving a horse in your will

It is important to make provision for your horse in your Will to ensure that your wishes are carried out and any horses are provided for in the event of your death.

To ensure that there is someone to look after your horses when you are gone it is recommended that you include a clause in your Will passing the care of your horse to the person who you would like to care for them, such as a friend or family member. Caring for a horse is a big responsibility so please check with the person you would like to care for your horse before you make your Will. Caring for a horse is expensive and it is a good idea to leave in your Will to the person whom you would like to look after your pet in the event of your death, a sum of money to cover the cost of caring for your horse for the remainder of their lifetime.

Can I leave my horse to The Horse Trust?
We are a small charity and only have space for a limited number of horses. Unfortunately, this means we no longer have the space to take in privately owned horses. We prioritise working horses that have served in the Police or Military or have worked for a charity that use horses to help people. We also provide sanctuary for horses that have been rescued from cruelty or neglect. Please do not leave your horse to The Horse Trust in your Will. If you have spoken to us before and have already left us your horse in your Will, please contact us as we may still be able to help.

For further advice on how to ensure that your horse is cared for should anything happen to you please contact our welfare department by email.



Please be aware that the information on these pages does not constitute legal advice and should only be considered as guidance. You should always contact a solicitor or legal professional before making or updating your Will.

Beneficiary – one who benefits from your Will.
Bequest – a gift under the term of a Will.
Codicil – an authorised addition or alteration to your Will.
Estate – your complete possessions left in your Will.
Executor – one who is appointed by you to ensure the instructions in your Will are completed.
Intestate – one who dies without making a Will.
Legacy – a specified gift in your Will.
Residue – what remains of your estate after those specific legacies are made and after taxes and debts have been paid.
Testator – one who makes the Will.

*The 2009/2015 inheritance tax threshold, at time of writing, is £325,000. If the value of your estate, including your home and certain gifts made in the previous seven years, exceeds this figure, tax will be due on the balance at 40% on the amount over the nil rate band. From 6 April 2012 people who leave 10 per cent or more of their net estate to charity can choose to pay a reduced rate of inheritance tax of 36 per cent.

To see the latest government tax allowances and guidelines and to find out more about inheritance tax and legacies please visit https://www.gov.uk/inheritance-tax