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Spring Appeal - Nest Family Therapy Shetlands

Help us Give Olaf, Sven and their Friends the Life they Deserve

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The Horse Trust recently took into our lifelong care two beautiful miniature Shetlands, Sven and Olaf, along with seven other horses and ponies. We are appealing for your help as we support them on the next stage of their recovery journey.

Sven and Olaf were owned by a small family business run as a community interest company hosting pony parties and claiming to provide equine-assisted therapy sessions for vulnerable people. Intended to bring joy into people’s lives, no one could have expected that behind closed doors, these animals were living an awful nightmare.

Left fending for themselves, with no food or water in burning heat, these gentle souls were slowly starving and suffering in pure agony.

Olaf during rescue

Poor little Olaf was one of the most emaciated ponies, merely skin and bones, a far cry from the round, healthy stature he should have been. Large chunks of his coat were missing from his back and down his legs, causing him great pain and discomfort.

His best friend Sven was so weak from neglect that he was lying lifeless on the ground, terrified and simply fighting for his

Sven during rescue

life when found by a partner charity’s welfare officer. Some of the others in the herd had coats matted with remnants of paint left behind from children’s parties, causing them extreme discomfort.

Who could imagine that a place that claimed to help children and vulnerable people would allow such awful neglect of vulnerable, helpless animals?

After calls were raised by many concerned members of the community, a multi-agency rescue took place following investigations, to save 13 equines, led by animal welfare officers from local agencies. We are so grateful to our partnering National Equine Welfare Council charities, especially the RSPCA and the Mare and Foal Sanctuary, for bringing these equines safely through the crucial first part of their long journey to full recovery.

Now, The Horse Trust has stepped in to take Sven, Olaf, Darth Vader, Walter, Spartan, Freddo, Kahlo, Sam, and Shadow into our long-term care and help them with the second part of their journey to recovery. Our dedicated team remain devoted to giving these sweet horses and ponies the best start this spring towards a happy and healthy future.

Healing from such trauma takes time and lots of resource. Your support is vital in ensuring they continue to receive the care and attention necessary for their wellbeing.

Olaf and Sven are receiving ongoing care at The Horse Trust

Many welfare cases who have endured continual neglect, like Sven and Olaf often have long-term health issues and are at greater risk of serious illness as time goes by. Unfortunately, the internal damage done often does not become fully known until a few years down the road and can be costly to treat and in some cases, irreparable.

Those who have knowledge of animal behaviour also know all too well that scars like theirs run beyond the physical. This could take months or even longer. We are still working very closely with rescues who have been in our care for years, like dear Merlin, who is still learning to feel safe and to trust again.

Little Sven and Olaf along with their friends, are receiving lot of love and tailored care to help them learn to trust in humans again. The trauma that they have been through has created big challenges for them, but their unwavering resilience has been truly magical to witness. Despite the pain we feel from knowing how much they have suffered, we are grateful for the opportunity to provide hope and a happier life for these incredibly loving, beautiful, and magnificently brave souls.

Your donation today will provide a lifeline for the lives of Sven, Olaf, and their friends. With your support, you can help safeguard their futures and enable our team to continue providing the love, treatment, and attention they need to not merely heal but thrive. Please consider donating today to help us give them the second chance they deserve.

Thank you so much.

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