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Nancy, sleep tight

Sleep Tight Nancy

We lost our beloved Nancy this October at the age of 28. Nancy retired to The Horse Trust in July 2012 after 19 faultless years with the Horse Rangers. This pretty roan mare taught hundreds of children to ride during her time with Horse Rangers and was ridden by special needs riders during her whole time there.

Nancy was part of the Musical Ride team and took part in many shows such as Windsor Horse Shows and Annual Founders Day Parade in Whitehall, London. Nancy arrived at The Horse Trust with her best friend Edward. Sadly, during her time here, Edward passed, however Nancy adjusted well to life without him and made lots of new friends thanks to her friendly nature.  Nancy had been suffering with arthritis in her knees since her retirement, and it was now starting to affect her day to day life and the medication used seem to be less effective. It was clear that the arthritis was becoming unmanageable; therefore we made the tough decision to put her to rest.  nancy and edward

Nancy was a true Rangers horse. She did everything from RDA to musical ride and enjoyed 4 happy years in retirement with us. Bye bye beautiful lady, you were such a friendly horse and no one had a bad word to say about you. Say hi to Edward for us, we bet he’s happy to see you. Rest now old girl, you’ve earned it.

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