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Sleep Tight Mary Tudor

Just as the team received the sad news about Dunkirk, unfortunately we also had to say goodbye to the utterly gorgeous Mary Tudor, formally of the Royal Mews.

Sleep tight, Mary TudorMary retired to us after a very colourful life. This beautiful bay was described as not the easiest of mares to back and train, although she rode and drove, Mary would often have different ideas about what she wanted to do and had a highly individual character. Once trained Mary was described as a reliable horse that could do most jobs without any bother, however she would never let the riders forget who was actually in control and was quick to remind them to not take her for granted! During her prime, she took a break from her working life producing two beautiful colts. Motherhood changed her outlook on life and Mary returned to ceremonial duties as a much more relaxed horse. She finished her service in Windsor training the young carriage horses and arrived at Horse Trust in March 2015 for her well-earned retirement. Adoring the attention from our visitors, we took her along to the grand opening of Surrey University Veterinary School where she was reunited with Her Majesty the Queen who recognised her instantly with the unforgettable words, “Look Philip, it’s Mary Tudor!” and giving her a well-deserved pat on the neck for all her loyal service.

Throughout her life, Mary had on-going dental issues that required careful management. Sadly, these issues caused further complications during her retired life which severely affected her ability to keep weight on, even with the most diligent expert care. We didn’t want this gorgeous lady to suffer unnecessarily, and so the sad decision was made to let her go.

Mary, although a demanding mare in work was a horse you couldn’t help but love, especially in retirement. She would be most upset if she didn’t receive her cup of tea in the morning whilst you were mucking out, and I am sure many previous riders will have many more stories about her proud disposition. Please keep a watch over your little boys from up there Mary; as you live on in them. Sleep tight and free from pain pretty lady, we will miss you.

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