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Sleep now Zulu, your service is done

After such a wonderful week of celebrating 130 years of caring for working horses, we have some dreadfully sad news to share. One of our visitor’s favourites and all round big softie, Zulu, died in the night a few days ago. We had hoped he would have many more years with us at only 22 years old, but that wasn’t to be and we were so deeply shocked to find he had passed away.

Zulu served 14 years in the Blues and Royals and was a huge favourite with the soldiers who got to ride him. He was exceptionally easy going with a smooth trot and a loving nature. During his career he participated in many ceremonial parades including Trooping the Colour, State Visits and Queens’s Life Guard. He was also used by the Mounted Band and helped to train many new recruits to ride. Zulu had even travelled abroad where he performed as part of the world famous Musical Ride in the Middle East.

Here at The Horse Trust, Zulu had a particularly special friendship with his former comrade, fellow Household Cavalry Black, Union. Zulu and Union (aka Onion) were totally inseparable and we were extremely worried that Union at 27 years old might struggle with losing his best friend. Luckily, fellow HCMR horse Wellington was on hand to buddy up with him. Zulu was a massive hit with our visitors, so gentle and patient and always next to Union! The two of them even came to Wincanton racecourse with us to help them on their armed forces day in 2014. Oddly we were asked by some punters (possibly after a trip or two to the bar) which race our two old, and slightly portly, boys were running in!

His stable looks empty right now, it feels wrong because it was such a shock to lose such a gentle friend so suddenly. At least he went quickly which is a blessing. We miss you beautiful boy and we know many many soldiers and visitors will miss you too. Such a special horse. Sleep now Zulu, your service is done.

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