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Equestride Boot

Samson & Daniel Update

We reported last month that Samson, formerly of South Wales Police picked up a very serious tendon injury whilst out in the field and he was fitted with a revolutionary EqueStride Boot to support the fetlock, reduce the strain on the tendon and allow it to heal. You can click here to read our first blog on Samson’s injury and details of the Equestride Boot.

One month on from having the boot fitted, we’re delighted to update you that now, at four months post injury, Samson is walking really well in the boot and his scans are improving. Our brilliant vet, Nicky will be steadily increasing his exercise over the next month and continuing to monitor him. This is really fantastic news and we are so thrilled for Samson. His injury is severe but we will keep you updated on his progress.

Fellow resident Daniel, of the Royal Mews has also recently been fitted with the Equestride Boot. Daniel sadly also picked up a very serious tendon injury, which like Samson can be life-threatening without immediate intervention and extensive rehab.

Daniel hasn’t been in his boot as long as Samson however he is already walking comfortably and has settled into his new boot nicely. As he is happy and settled in the boot, the support has been increased and he is able to start walking rehab steadily, increasing the amount each week. Daniel’s scans are showing improvement – as you can see in the three scans (images below). The first shows Daniel’s original injury, the second shows the injury one month on and the third scan shows the injury two months on. The three scans together show us that the tendon is fusing back together and is healing very nicely.

Daniel’s Scan – Original Injury

Daniel Original Injury

Daniel’s Scan – One Month On

Daniel One Month On

Daniel’s Scan – Two Months On

Daniel 2 Months On

Although we are devastated that both Samson and Daniel have such serious injuries we are so happy that both are showing progress and that they are very content in themselves and responding well to the boot. We will of course keep you updated on both residents.

If you would like to make a donation to us, to support the treatment of our retired residents like Samson and Daniel we would be incredibly grateful. As we are a retirement home with many older residents, sadly many of them suffer from medical conditions and health issues that require treatment. Our on-site vet and all the team treat every resident with all the love and dedication they deserve to ensure all residents receive the best possible care. You can donate to us on the link here. Thank you in advance for any donation you are able to give.

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