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Samson’s Leg Injury

We have an interesting treatment our vet, Nicky is currently undertaking with Samson, formerly of South Wales Police.

We’re really sad to report that Samson picked up a very serious tendon injury whilst out in the field and it is an injury for which he will need an extensive and long rehab. As we do with all our residents we look at all possible treatment options to ensure we provide them with the very best care for their individual medical needs.

Samson Boot

It was decided that the best course of action for Samson was to fit a revolutionary EqueStride Boot on him. This boot supports the fetlock, reducing the strain on the injured tendon, allowing it to heal. The boot has now been fitted and we will be monitoring the impact of this treatment on him.

The EqueStride Boot (EqueStride Equine Tendon Support) is an adjustable therapeutic system for the improved management of flexor tendon and suspensory ligament injury in horses. The device has variable support enabling a fully controlled exercise regime during injury rehabilitation. The boot is the only device capable of resisting extension of the fetlock joint under loads experienced at the walk compared to currently available simple protective boots or a thick bandage. The only other device capable of providing significant support at these loads is a cast, of which horses, such as Samson, would not be able to exercise in.

The boot seeks to optimise recovery time and quality of heal, maximise the chances for a full recovery and minimise the risk of re-injury.

Samson will remain in the boot for one month, at which point Nicky will reassess his condition. This is very much an treatment and we have all our fingers crossed for Samson’s recovery. We will keep you updated on Samson and his injury.

If you would like to make a donation towards the care of our residents we are always incredibly grateful. We are proud to provide all our residents with the very best medical care, many of which are highly expensive treatments. We believe all our residents deserve nothing but the best after their dedication to serving their country or the horrors our rescue residents have endured before coming to us. You can make a donation on the link to our previous campaign here.

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  1. I really want to sponsor all of your horses after having two of my own but I do know I can’t do that, so can I come and visit?

    Lucinda, aged ten

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