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RIP Vienna

We are incredibly saddened to announce that another one of our beautiful residents has grown their wings and flown over the bridge for the very last time. Last week we said our final farewells to our beloved Vienna at the age of 24.

Here at The Horse Trust, we have had the absolute pleasure of caring and loving Vienna for the last 12 years. This plucky little palomino pony was not however, always the golden beauty you saw before you as Vienna was rescued by the RSPCA back in 2009. When she arrived, Vienna was malnourished with a wound on her face that had been left untreated. Not only that, but Vienna had an awful skin condition called rain scald along her back, a bacterial infection that results in uncomfortable and painful scabs. With our devotion, we nursed Vienna back to full health and she has lived a happy and full life ever since receiving the attention she deserved.


Even through Vienna’s early suffering, on arrival and through treatment, she showed us nothing but her kind and placid nature. She really was the whole package, stunning with the gentle personality to match. Vienna really shone through and we soon realised that she was not quite ready to kick up her heels and retire fully! For the last decade, Vienna has been our greatest and most valuable training pony, assisting in internal and external courses. Her wonderful and trainable attitude meant she could help people of all abilities to learn the ropes of caring and dealing with horses in emergency situations. Vienna spent a lot of her time training local Fire Services and Highways England UK the basics of horse handling. As calm as she was, Vienna was perfect at her job and the ultimate schoolmaster, meaning she knew when to test the boundaries when training too! Lots of laughs were shared when Vienna would decide to trot off or get a little peckish when a learner was trying to put a headcollar on! We are sure there will be many service men and women who will owe their knowledge and confidence to our darling Vienna.

She also captured the hearts of many of our visitors – you would often find her lapping up all the attention or scoffing in the corner of the stable. Her two true loves, people and food! We hope the fields in the sky are filled with nothing but all the carrots in the world Vienna, you’ve earnt them.


Last week our grooms noticed Vienna’s mood and behaviour deteriorate rapidly. Knowing Vienna and her love for life, we knew that something was not right. Nicky the vet closer look at her and determined that she needed to undergo further tests. The results showed that Vienna had kidney damage and, in her case, it was near enough impossible to treat to a good outcome. Sadly, there was nothing we could do to make Vienna more comfortable and free from pain. The kindest thing we could do for our precious girl was to let her go and say our goodbyes.

Vienna, there are just no words we can find to express how lost we feel without you. The thought of not seeing your gorgeous blonde mane flowing in the Chiltern breeze makes us just so incredibly sad. The only thought that keeps us positive is that we know you will be reunited with your best friend Bess. You two can finally be together and please do not worry, you will never have to be apart again – look after each other for us. Sleep tight sweet Vienna – our golden girl.

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