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Rest in peace, gentle Sky

Sadly, today we announce the passing of Light Cavalry retiree Sky at the age of 25 years old. This sweet mare spent over four years with the Light Cavalry and became adored by all during her time there. She only joined us here at The Horse Trust a few months ago but during that time we also fell in love with this gentle soul. Although she has only been with us a short while, we are glad to have provided her a happy and peaceful retirement.

During her time with the Light Cavalry Ceremonial Team, Sky took part in all weekly troop rides and was a pillar of the Light Cavalry Horse Team. Some of her claims to fame include the Lord Mayors Parade, the Carpet Guard at Guildhall and the Sheriff’s Ride. On her retirement, a representative of the Light Cavalry said “Sky has been a massive part of the team, and she has a group of wonderful Supporting Riders that love and adore her. She is a yard favourite and is quietly demanding of attention backing up to her stable door and interrupting any conversation for bottom scratches.” Due to her advancing age Sky needed to seriously decrease her workload to remain comfortable and therefore the Light Cavalry retired her to us so that she could enjoy the rest of her days relaxing here in our Home of Rest.

Once she cleared biosecurity procedures, Sky went out to pasture buddied up with fellow newbie, retired police horse Poppy to meet her herd mates and begin her days of rest and relaxation. After a month or so, our grooms noticed Sky was lame during daily checks and she was booked in with our veterinary team for investigation. After a thorough check up, it was discovered that Sky had a stifle injury for which a treatment plan was drawn up and begun immediately.

Sadly, despite receiving treatment it became clear the severity of the injury was causing Sky significant discomfort and that it was no longer ethical to continue and so we decided to say goodbye for a final time to protect her welfare.

Some horses spend years in our herd, others only a few months but the love we feel and the care we provide for these magnificent animals is the same regardless. Sky was no different and she has touched the hearts of all of us here and will be sorely missed by us and all her connections from the Light Cavalry. Rest in peace, gentle Sky. HTx

The Horse Trust relies on public donations to continue to provide a forever home to retired military, police, Royal Mews and working horses. If you would like to be part of our story you can find out how below.


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