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Rest In Peace, Luna

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we sadly had to say goodnight to one of our dearest residents, Luna.

Following nine years of dedicated service with The Household Cavalry, Luna retired to The Horse Trust in 2019 due to lameness in her two front hooves. Whilst serving, Beautiful Luna had an extremely exciting career. She was used for Queen Elizabeth II’s Lifeguard duties and all state parades, including Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday Parade, The Lord Mayor’s show, and The Royal Wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales in 2011.

Luna enjoyed a truly wonderful retirement during her time with us. She had a true zest for life and was much loved for her fun and feisty streak which always kept the grooms on their toes! During her retirement, she also formed an incredibly sweet bond with retired Metropolitan Police horse, Orla. The two became inseparable and certainly brought out the cheeky side in each other. One of their well-known traditions was to do an early morning sprint, always ensuring they were first to the gate for the morning feeds.

The entire Horse Trust team were devastated when Luna developed a very nasty foot abscess and infection that tracked up her leg causing her a lot of pain. Despite intensive veterinary treatment, including an epidural, we were unable to get the infection under control and keep her comfortable. It was then that the team had to make the extremely difficult decision that morning to say goodbye to our dear friend in the safety and loving care of the Equine Care Team.

Luna, you were a truly beautiful spirit, who will be desperately missed by all who knew you and by those you served. Thank you for giving us four magical years with you and for your dedicated service whilst with HCMR. Though our hearts our breaking from the loss, we take comfort in knowing you are galloping fast and free over that rainbow bridge.

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