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NEW TalkEquine Research Webinar with Dr Carrie Ijichi

TalkEquine with The Horse Trust Research Webinar:

I feel your pain: the importance of recognising individual differences in animal pain responses

Date: Wednesday 25th October 2023

Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm, including Q&A

Cost: FREE!

This talk will take you through the story of Carrie’s research over the last 10 years which aims to understand how animals respond to painful conditions and how we can get better at recognising their needs as individuals. You’ll learn about horses making “lame excuses”, dogs who get hot under the collar after castration and finally hear about the most recent study which was funded by The Horse Trust and shows us there is nothing “routine” about castration for horses. Each project reflects on how varied tolerance to pain is and how animals let us know when they’re in pain with links to their personality. Questions are especially welcome!

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About Carrie

Dr Ijichi graduated with a degree in Music from Queen’s University Belfast in 2007. After experiencing problem behaviour with her horse, and unable to find an ethical, evidence-based trainer to help, she undertook her MSc in Animal Behaviour & Welfare with the intention of becoming an ethical horse trainer within Northern Ireland. However, the process of completing her dissertation instilled a love of research and the scientific process and she realised she could help more animals by finding answers to their welfare challenges. Whilst undertaking private behaviour consultations and volunteering as an advisor to a welfare charity, she completed her PhD on how personality in horses is associated with different responses to stress. This led to the first study showing that animals react differently to pain, depending on their personality. In addition, she also explored how personality might explain whether or not an animal becomes stereotypic when their welfare needs are not met. Carrie continues on this research whilst also looking more broadly at how the ways we handle and keep horses affects their welfare and investigating how we can better recognise their needs.


If you can’t attend live, the webinar will be recorded and delegates will have 3 months to watch the recording.

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