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Dark Bay


April 2024


The Light Cavalry

Bottom scratches!

Sky Working

Sky Retired

Sky retired to our sanctuary in April 2024, after a five year career with the Light Cavalry Honourable Artillery Company (HAC). During this time, she was part of the Ceremonial Team and worked with all of the Supporting Riders. She has taken part in all weekly troop rides, and even tried her hoof at show jumping and dressage (though she was no novice, as this was something she did prior to her career with the Light Cavalry!). Sky also took part in multiple Lord Mayor’s Parades, Annual Inspections, the Carpet Guard at Guildhall and the Sherriff’s Ride.

At the age of 25, it was apparent that signs of her age had crept in, and she was becoming physically uncomfortable in certain situations necessary for her career. Because of this, the decision was made to give Sky a timely and well-deserved retirement amongst the Chiltern Hills here in Buckinghamshire.

Sky is described as a calm and kind horse. A spokesperson for the Light Cavalry said; “Sky was a solid pillar of the Light Cavalry Horse Team. She has a group of wonderful Supporting Riders that love and adore her, and is a yard favourite –  quietly demanding attention by backing up to her stable door and interrupting any conversation for bottom scratches!”

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