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March 2023


Lancashire Police


Lancaster Working

Lancaster Retired

Lancaster joined the Lancashire Mounted Police Branch in 2013 and was originally called Tommy before getting his official Police name. The name Tommy/Thomas stuck with him around the yard throughout his time there.

He took part in large events across the County, and was a regular at the Lancaster Castle Shield Hanging due to his name, which he attended in all of his ceremonial attire. He attended countless football matches, and a particularly memorable EDL Demonstration on Preston Flag Market where he was right in the middle of it all!

Lancaster helped many riders pass their Intermediate Course on the flat and jumping phases, he could be quite a challenging ride at times but it was extremely rewarding when it all came together.

He also had the honour of being featured on the 2022 Murphy’s Army Purple Poppy Campaign, helping raise money for their chosen charities and featured on Poppy wreaths and leaflets wearing his Purple Poppy with pride.

He’s always been a vocal boy, often whinnying on the yard. The Branch will be extremely quiet without Lancaster around!

He is a handsome and loved boy who has had some lameness issues, and a recent diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease led to his retirement at the age of 15, after 10 years of service. We hope he enjoys a long and happy retirement here at the Horse Trust.

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