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Miracles for Rescue Resident Maggie

Miracles are incredible when they happen. Today marks a very proud day for all the team here at The Horse Trust. Our gorgeous rescue resident Maggie has successfully been rehomed. This really is a happy ending to what was a very sad life for this beautiful mare before she came to The Horse Trust.

As you may remember, Maggie arrived with us in a terrible state after being seized from a field of horses by the RSPCA (England & Wales) and the Police in 2013. This poor little mare was severely emaciated and had been eating tree bark to survive in a flooded field. Maggie’s terrible condition and severe lice infestation meant she had to be admitted to the Royal Veterinary College for intensive care. We were then told that Maggie had a 50/50 chance of survival as her condition was so poor and only weighing a mere 285kg. After months of specialist care working with the vet and our Equine Care Team, Maggie’s condition showed signs of improvement. She started getting stronger and had so much more energy than what was once such a lifeless horse. Her personality shone through and we really saw what a lovely little mare Maggie was, now that she was healthier and enjoying life how she should. Three years on since she arrived with us, we are ready to wave her goodbye knowing that she will continue living the life that any horse deserves to live; running around in the fields with her new friends and getting pampered!


We know that saving one horse won’t change the world, but it will change the world for our beautiful Maggie. Please support our work so we can continue changing horses lives for the better.

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