Luxury accommodation for our horses thanks to Ashford Stables

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Luxury accommodation for our horses thanks to Ashford Stables

Ashford Stables kindly supplied their high quality professional stables to house our rescue residents Star and Teddy whilst at Royal Windsor Horse Show this year. They seemed to enjoy the luxury accommodation and it made our stand look that extra bit special. The team went above and beyond to accommodate our horses and made sure they were comfortable during the entire stay at Windsor.

Ashford Stables provide luxury accommodation for our horsesAshford Stables is a family run business that focuses on building the best stables at a fair price, using high quality timber to create buildings which are designed to last.

As horse owners themselves, they fully appreciate the needs of caring owners – Their stables and shelters are designed to the highest standards with your horse’s well-being at heart. They make unique requirements; and don’t just sell off-the-shelf products.

To find out more and to enquire about these affordable stables, please visit their website.

Thanks again to all the team and we hope to see you the same time next year!

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