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Keeping paddocks safer for horses

Keeping paddocks safer for horses

Atypical Myopathy of horses is a severe and life threatening muscle disorder that is caused when horses eat Sycamore tree seeds, leaves or seedlings.

Following research that was supported by The Horse Trust and the Royal Veterinary College’s Animal Care Trust, testing of seeds, seedlings and leaves for the “hypoglycin A” toxin known to cause this disorder is now being offered at the Royal Veterinary College.

This means that every horse owner can make use of this test to make sure that their trees do not contain the toxin and their horses can be safe from the effects of this condition.

The threat of this disorder is particularly prevalent during the autumn and winter months as leaves and seeds are falling in droves, so a reminder to all horse owners to keep your eyes peeled for sycamore seeds, leaves and seedlings!

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