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Goodnight Quizmaster

Goodnight Quizmaster

We are heartbroken to announce the passing of former Household Division and Horse Trust favourite, Quizmaster, or Quizzy as he was fondly known, at the grand age of 32.

Quizmaster started his career as a Defence Animal Centre horse where he helped train military personnel to become riding instructors. Quizzy took part in individual and group lessons on the flat as well as show jumping and cross country, the latter of which he particularly exceled at. When Quizzy was 19 years old, the Household Division required a steady horse for the Household Division officers to ride on parade and Quizmaster was the perfect horse for the job. Quizzy served for a further six years as an Officer’s Charger working at many Ceremonial Parades including numerous Her Majesty The Queen’s Birthday Parades, of which he was given the integral role of the Parade Commander’s horse, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, one Royal Wedding and many State Visits. Quizmaster was said to be an ’outstanding charger’ throughout his time at The Household Division.

We were honoured when in August 2015, we welcomed Quizmaster through our stable doors to start his well-deserved retirement. Quizzy was an incredibly popular resident amongst staff throughout his seven years with us. He became best friends with former Household Cavalry retiree, Elizabeth and the pair were always by each other’s sides. Over the last couple of years Quizzy sadly began losing his sight and Elizabeth was always there to look after him and act as a guide horse for him. The relationship between Quizmaster and Elizabeth was incredibly special and with Elizabeth by his side Quizzy was able to continue enjoying his last couple of years with us. It was truly moving to see the special bond between the pair and we are keeping an extra special eye on Elizabeth as she adjusts to life without her dear friend.

Sadly, Quizmaster developed severe colic symptoms that were a progression of an underlying disease and this proved unresponsive to treatment. We knew that sadly this was time, time for us to say goodbye to Quizzy.

Quizzy, it was our honour to love and care for you throughout your retirement. We already miss you so incredibly much but we know you are galloping free over the rainbow bridge to former friends and colleagues. It won’t be the same greeting our lovely Elizabeth and not seeing you by her side but we promise we’ll take extra special care of her for you. Rest easy now Quizzy, you were a truly inspirational horse and we will never ever forget you.

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