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Goodnight, Pongo

Goodnight, Pongo

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of former Northumbria Police horse Pongo, at the age of 20.

Pongo was a member of the Northumbria Police Mounted Section and had been enjoying his retirement with us for the past seven years. Whilst in the police, Pongo performed general patrols and high-risk missing person searches in Northumberland, worked at numerous football matches and policed many demonstrations and events during his seven year career. He was retired due to intermittent lameness which meant he could no longer cope with the tough demands of regular police work and we were honoured to provide him with all the love and care he deserved in his retirement.

Pongo retired to us back in January 2014, alongside fellow gorgeous grey and Northumbria Police friend Phlint, who continues to reside with us. Pongo was described as somewhat of a character in the police; he was an incredibly clever horse but could be a little moody and quite stubborn at times!

Throughout his retirement, Pongo could often be found with his field friend Marsa and he also had a close friendship with fellow resident Wiggins after they both received treatment for injuries together and became the best of friends during their recoveries and beyond. Our grooms tell us that Wiggins was very attached to Pongo and Pongo was like a wise old uncle to Wiggins! Pongo is such a massive loss to us all and he is so incredibly missed by the entire team.

Pongo was indeed a character and he wasn’t a shy horse however he was also a huge softie. One of our groom’s recounts how when Pongo was brought in for a pamper session last Summer, he was in his absolute element, falling asleep in the sun whilst having a lovely bath!

We were devastated when recently Pongo suffered a very severe sudden onset of colic that was unresponsive to pain relief. A journey to the hospital was sadly not an option for him due to the severity of the colic and the only option the team had was to say goodnight to him one last time. It is always incredibly difficult to say goodbye to our residents but we know we must do what is the kindest thing for them when the time is right. Tragically, we knew that the time was right for Pongo, our police hero.

Pongo, you really were an exceptional horse; brave in your policing career, bold in your retirement and one we have so many fond memories of that we will never forget. Sleep tight now and rest easy across the rainbow bridge with your former friends and colleagues. We will never ever forget you and we will continue to take good care of your friends Marsa and Wiggins who we know will also be missing you so dearly. It has been our honour to give you the retirement you deserved after so many years serving your country. Sleep tight Pongo, we miss you so much.

You can view more photos of Pongo here.

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