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Goodnight Daniel

Goodnight Dear Daniel

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we announce the passing of former Royal Mews favourite, Daniel, at the age of 27.

Daniel was an incredibly popular and much-loved member of The Horse Trust family and his loss has been a particularly hard one for the whole team who provided him with so much love, care and attention until the very end.

Daniel had an exciting and varied career which started in the Metropolitan Police where he served for four years before joining the Royal Mews. Daniel was initially posted to Central London’s Great Scotland Yard stables. However due to a stable refit, the unit was temporarily moved to the Royal Mews and whilst he was there, our lovely Daniel caught the eye of the Crown Equerry. After the Police returned to Great Scotland Yard it was decided that Daniel would remain at the Royal Mews, where he served for a further 15 years.

Whilst at the Mews, Daniel served as a Harness Horse for Her Majesty The Queen’s Carriages. He took part in numerous high profile events including Trooping the Colour, State Visits, Royal Ascot and State Openings of Parliament. Daniel was so popular, he was one of The Queen’s favourite horses! Daniel’s popularity earned him some significant claims to fame; his photo featured in the Royal Mews Official Souvenir Guide as well as on a 2014 stamp collection by the Royal Mail commemorating Britain’s working horses. That same year, Daniel and his stable mate and current Horse Trust resident Storm, were immortalised in a life-size statue on the Peanut Roundabout in Windsor that was commissioned by local residents to celebrity The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

We were incredibly lucky when in 2017 we welcomed Daniel through our stable doors for the start of his retirement. Daniel quickly became a firm favourite with many staff and visitors and throughout his five years with us, provided us with endless entertainment! We know that so many of our supporters will share our heartbreak at such a huge loss, Daniel was a regular on the yard and walking past his old stable won’t be the same for a very long time.

In 2019 Daniel suffered a rupture of his suspensory ligament. With the help of Professor Roger Smith and his team at the Royal Veterinary College, against the odds, Daniel recovered from this injury. He was the absolute model patient and spent 10 weeks in a cast. He was very sensible on box rest and lapped up the attention from visitors. After several months of rehabilitation, Daniel was able to return to the paddock with his friends. Sadly he suffered another serious tendon injury, but this time in a front leg. Once again, Daniel was the model patient and was rehabilitated using the Equestride boot. Recently Daniel was able to spend a couple of months back out in a small paddock but sadly his injury recurred. Over the last year we had noticed his arthritis catching up with him and while this was well managed during his rehabilitation it made him very stiff back on box rest. It was sadly realised that we could no longer ensure Daniel had a good quality of life ahead of him and with heavy hearts we had to let him go.

Daniel, we are so heartbroken to have had to say goodnight to you. You were such a huge character and an incredibly special horse who was loved by so many in the Police, the Royal Mews and at The Horse Trust. We take comfort in knowing you are now with former friends and colleagues galloping over the rainbow bridge. Goodnight our handsome Daniel, you are missed so greatly by us all and the Daniel-shaped hole in our hearts will take some time to heal.

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  1. I was extremely sad to hear of Daniel’s passing. I am a former Royal Mews guide and Daniel regularly featured in many of my tours, as he was really the ‘poster boy’ for the Mews. He was popular with Royal Mews staff, guides and visitors alike, who were frequently entertained by his cheeky antics! He would often ‘participate’ in guided tours when guides were speaking about him by putting his head over his stall and pulling funny faces behind the guide’s back, causing the tour group to erupt with laughter or happily posing for photographs – he was certainly aware of his celebrity status, which was, of course, very well-deserved, having taken part in many high-profile Royal events over the years.
    Following Daniel’s departure from the Royal Mews, I had always intended to visit him at ‘The Horse Trust’, but life became busy and then, with the arrival of the Covid pandemic, all plans had to be put on hold.
    Completely coincidentally my husband and I had planned to visit ‘The Horse Trust’ to see Daniel this weekend, so I was doubly heartbroken when we checked your website and discovered that we were just too late.
    Thank you for looking after him so well in his retirement. R. I. P. Daniel.

  2. Hi, I am so sorry to hear of Daniels passing. I imagine every time you lose a horse it is heartbreaking for you all He was a stunning horse and I hope the other animals you all care for help you get past his passing. My deepest condolences. Andrea.

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