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Goodnight, Beautiful Cloud

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we announce the passing of former Royal Mews beauty, Cloud, at the age of 25.

Cloud came to us in September 2018 after a magnificent 12 years serving Queen and country in the Royal Mews. She had the honour of retiring in a very moving ceremony in the presence of our patron, HRH The Princess Royal. The Royal Mews provides the Royal Family with road travel arrangements for HM The Queen and members of the Royal Family – all these horses are owned by the tax payer. It is here that Cloud expertly pulled the carriages and she was honoured during her career to take part in all major ceremonial state occasions from Royal Ascot to the State Opening of Parliament and State Visits in London and Windsor.

Cloud on right with Claudia

For many years, Cloud was fortunate to be able to serve alongside her daughter, Claudia, who also resides with us at The Horse Trust. It was a truly beautiful moment when the pair were reunited in retirement and one we will never forget. The pair were so popular that our mother and daughter duo even made it into the Daily Mail on the day they reunited! Both Cloud and Claudia were often paired together when working as either outriders or the postilion team for HM The Queen’s carriage as they complimented and matched each other in looks and temperament so wonderfully.

Our beautiful Cloud had a lovely character both whilst serving the Royal Family and with us in her retirement. Due to her calm and gentle nature, as well as being so competent in her work, she was often used to help young horses at the Mews settle in and teach them whilst they were being trained in ceremonial duties.

CloudRecently, whilst out in the fields with her friends, Cloud tragically sustained an injury to her hock. The hock links the lower leg bones to the tibia in a horse’s upper leg; it can be compared somewhat to an ankle in a human. There is a tendon that runs over the point of the hock which is normally held in place by a ligament on either side. Cloud damaged one of these ligaments, allowing the tendon to slip off the point of the hock. The instability created by this injury resulted in severe pain for her which even our brilliant vet and Equine Care Team were unable to control completely with painkillers. Our team did their absolute upmost to try to manage the pain and treat her injury but ultimately, we were unable to keep Cloud comfortable.  In addition to her hock injury, Cloud had been suffering from other age-related issues which in the end aided the decision to put an end to her pain. We were absolutely devasted to make this decision but we knew it was the kindest thing for our loving mare, to say goodnight to her one final time.

We are truly heartbroken to say farewell to this gentle and kind lady who has given so much as an equine civil servant to this country, before putting many a smile on the faces of staff and visitors at The Horse Trust. Before making her journey across the rainbow bridge Cloud enjoyed oodles of cuddles and treats from her groom one last time.

Cloud, you have been the most magnificent mare; you were kind, loving and incredibly gentle to all horses and humans who had the honour of meeting you. We are so grateful and proud to have given you three years of happiness in your retirement and we know you will be galloping free over the rainbow bridge, pain free. Sleep tight Cloud, you are missed so dearly and we will never, ever forget you.

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