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Galahad’s Story

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In January 2019 The Horse Trust was involved in one of the largest and most heart wrenching animal rescue cases ever seen in the UK. Only now are we legally able to tell you about some of the sickest ponies we took in that day. We took in 15 of the most critical equines rescued including young Merlin who you can learn about in our video here. We also wanted to share the story of one of the other ponies we also took in that heart-breaking day, and that is of Galahad. You can donate to our campaign on Merlin, Galahad and their friends here.

Galahad was found in filthy conditions; he was extremely thin and incredibly nervous of people. All he had ever known was the feeling of hunger and fear. This poor pony had truly seen the worst in humanity during his first few early years of life. We knew Galahad needed life-saving intervention to have a chance of survival.

Over two years, Galahad was learning to trust again. Although the memories of the cruelty he experienced were still vivid in his mind, he placed his faith in us. Gradually his weight improved and, although he still received ongoing medicine and treatment, his future was beginning to look bright.

Sadly, our hopes of a bright future for Galahad faded away when in Spring 2021, the severity of the neglect he had suffered all those years ago finally caught up with him. Galahad was still suffering from long term health implications caused by the extreme parasite burden he had accumulated before his rescue. Despite endless hours of nursing and specialist care, on 18th May 2021, Galahad could fight no more.

We were absolutely heartbroken to lose Galahad but we feel honoured to have been able to provide him with the love and care he deserved in his final years of life. Together with your help, we can ensure that we can continue to be here for horses, ponies and donkeys like Galahad, for years to come.

Please help us to continue care for Galahad’s friend Merlin and ponies like him by making a donation today. You can make a donation online by clicking on the link below. Thank you, as ever for your support.

Donate to Galahad's Friends

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