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Farwell, Flint

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we inform you of the passing of Flint, formerly of the Royal Mews, at the age of 24.

Flint was an incredibly popular resident, so much so that he was selected as one of our sponsor horses and had been with us for 10 wonderful years since retiring to us in September 2012.

Prior to his retirement, Kingsleys Flint, as was his full name, undertook ceremonial carriage duties at Buckingham Palace as part of the Royal Mews. Flint served as one of the Cleveland Bays at the Royal Mews since he was four years old. Flint’s carriage work included both ridden and unridden duties and he was involved in many important ceremonial and state occasions. These included State Visits, State Opening of Parliament, Trooping the Colour, Royal Ascot and many more.

We are so saddened to bring you the news of his passing. It’s been an incredibly difficult time for us, losing several of our beloved residents recently over the Winter period, and sadly Flint is the latest we’ve had to say farewell to. We had a marvellous run of good luck prior to this period but sadly this came to an end recently as a number of our older residents have passed, predominately with age related issues. We know that as a retirement home, our horses come to us to live out their final days but it is still difficult when we lose those dearest to us.

Our lovely Flint enjoyed a peaceful retirement with us. He was a laid-back character who seemed happy relaxing in the fields with his friends including best friend Patrick, formerly of Essex Police. Flint was an incredibly sweet boy, simply a lovely horse who was very kind to all humans and horses. Any of our visitors who had the pleasure of meeting him we’re sure would also echo this and he will be missed by so many at The Horse Trust, the Royal Mews and of course by our loyal supporters, particularly those who followed Flint on our sponsorship scheme, receiving regular updates on his activities.

Flint was sadly found in his field recently with severe colic. Colic can be described as an abdominal pain that can indicate a problem with the gut or other organs within the abdomen. Flint tragically deteriorated very quickly despite the quick reactions from our fantastic Equine Care Team but he was unable to respond to the treatment provided and we were sadly unable to save him.

Flint, we cannot believe we’ve had to say goodbye to you. You really were the sweetest, kindest and loveliest lad and we’re all so devastated that you’re no longer with us. It’s been our privilege to serve you in your retirement for 10 wonderful years but now your duty is done. Your sweet nature and kind face will never be forgotten. Sleep tight and rest easy in paradise with your friends. Goodnight Flint, always and forever with us.

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