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Dobby's fight for survival
135 Years Donating - Help Us To Continue

This year marks an incredible 135 years since our founder first gave exhausted cab horses a respite from the harsh London streets.

From this time, together with compassionate horse lovers like you, we have rescued thousands of horses, ponies and donkeys from appalling neglect and given them a life-long home.

As the oldest equine charity in the world, we have seen a lot of change since the first cab horses were welcomed onsite all those years ago and now, with fundraising hit hard by the pandemic, we need your help to make sure we can always be there for horses in need.

We recently took in one tiny, petrified foal, since named Dobby, who is facing a fight for his life. You can watch Dobby’s story in this video.


Dobby’s story echoes that of remarkable resident Teddy who, at 8 weeks old was left abandoned at the side of a road. As many of you will know, the Teddy we see today is a far-cry from the small, starving foal that came to us.

Please help us continue being here, as we have been since 1886, for horses in need such as Teddy and Dobby. Any gift you can give will help us be there for horses, now and forever.

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