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Community and Emergency Services Day

Our Knowledge and Skills Team joined forces with Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue and many other organisations including Thames Valley Police, the Ambulance Service and Horse Watch at the Community and Emergency Services Day at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton.

This was a fun-filled day out for families to spend with their local emergency services and charities. The event was aimed at celebrating and promoting emergency services and charities based in the local area.

The day was a great success as the Trust was able to showcase to the public the training we deliver to the Police, Highways England and the Fire and Rescue Service, as well as reminding them that we are here if they need to brush up on their horse handling skills.

Bear, our horse mannequin, was a huge success and many children had a go at trying to move him to fully appreciate how heavy horses are and what an amazing job the Fire and Rescue service do in rescuing them from a multitude of different incidents. Local families also enjoyed getting in a police van, an ambulance and a fire engine.

Last year the Trust, in partnership with BARTA, developed training courses to meet the needs of emergency responders – the Police, Fire Service and other frontline agencies who encounter horses in their everyday activities to enable a common approach and understanding. Their response teams use this knowledge to calm the situation and control the scene to resolve it. The training is recognised as a breakthrough in organisational planning to resolve the challenges animals on the roads place on their staff and how to safeguard the public. The courses are held in high regard by the emergency responders from all agencies.

Whilst the day in Quainton was a family event, it did provide the public with a unique opportunity to see first-hand a perfect example of the emergency services coming together for the community and The Horse Trust is proud of the role we play in training them.

You can obtain details of our range of training and education courses by emailing the team.

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