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Abandoned and left to die: Teddy one year on

As a beautiful young pony canters across the field, not a care in the world, it is hard to imagine that only a year ago this same pony was found close to death dumped on the side of the road.

Teddy was only 8-weeks old when he was found as a starving and abandoned foal, alone without his mother on a busy roadside in Iver, Buckinghamshire in October 2012. He was rescued by Thames Valley Police with help from a local Buckinghamshire Councillor and brought to The Horse Trust.

Teddy was so sick he had to be sent to the Royal Veterinary College’s equine hospital to receive intensive care just to make it through the first few weeks. His chances of survival were slim, but his tiny, frail body hid a huge spirit and he never gave up fighting. After months of round the clock care from The Horse Trust’s dedicated staff and help from his Shetland pony pal, 36-year old George, Teddy slowly began to recover.

Teddy’s fight for life won the hearts of a legion of fans who follow his daily updates on Facebook. His supporters rallied round and thanks to generous donations we were able to provide Teddy with the round-the-clock care he so desperately needed.

National Horse Crisis

Teddy is not the only foal to have been discarded last winter, sadly he is just one more victim of the national horse crisis facing the UK. Only last week we reported the secret plight of two more foals, Domino and Jenga who were found abandoned in Hertfordshire just one month after Teddy’s rescue.

Jeanette Allen, Chief Executive of The Horse Trust said ‘One year ago I sat with Teddy’s head in my lap wondering if each breath would be his last. I could not have imagined that only one year on he would have made such a miraculous recovery. I am just so grateful to everyone who helped give him a second chance, from the vets at the Royal Veterinary College to the public who donated so generously towards his care.’

Teddy’s fans are invited to celebrate his anniversary at The Home of Rest for horses on Sunday 3rd November, from 2pm to 4pm. For more information follow the link.

You can help celebrate Teddy’s anniversary by sponsoring him from just £2 per month.

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