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Welcome back, not-so-baby Seren!

You may have read it in our recent bi-annual newsletter, but we wanted to officially announce the return of Seren to The Horse Trust!

To catch up those who aren’t familiar with our little Seren, she was found with her mother roaming the streets of Swansea back in 2020 and once seized by Local Authority was sent to our sanctuary here in the Chiltern Hills to be rehabilitated. Tragically, we lost Seren’s mother Bronwen to advanced liver failure only months after their arrival, but our fighter Seren bounced back incredibly and continued on to be trained up and eventually rehomed back in July of 2021. Whilst out on loan, Seren did lots of growing up and got plenty of life experience in the year she was away and now she is back to start the next part of her journey…

Once she has settled back into Horse Trust life, she will return to our Training Yard to begin the foundations for a possible ridden or driven career. The way we train at The Horse Trust takes into account each horses progress an individual and is tailored to how they are responding throughout the process. For now, Seren will be practising her basic husbandry tasks, such as coming in to our stables, seeing the farrier and being groomed. The next steps will be introducing her to groundwork, which will include long reining, lunging, going out on our local lanes to start becoming habituated to traffic and once she is happy with all this, our trainers will asses where her career may go next and whether she is more suited to being ridden, driven or possibly both.

The journey to rehoming can be a long one and we are always led by each particular horse on when they are ready. So stay tuned for updates on Seren as she goes through the training process towards being available for rehoming.

The Horse Trust relies on public support to provide specialist physical and psychological care to rescues like Seren. Find out more about our campaigns below.

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