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Goodnight to Gladys

We say goodnight to Gladys for the last time

It was a sad day indeed when we had to say a final goodnight to our gorgeous Gladys the donkey. Gladys came to us ten years ago having been rescued from the horrors of Spindles Farm in Amersham. She was so weak she had to be lifted by the team for the first ten days as she couldn’t stand herself up.

Once recovered, Gladys led our three donkey survivors as very much the boss of their little group. She was by far the largest and the loudest wonkey we have ever had and she became a firm favourite with visitors and team members alike. Gladys had possibly the biggest, fluffiest ears ever, as well as the loudest bray and would often make visitors jump by suddenly letting out a fog horn level bray when least expected! After such a terrible time in that awful place, Gladys had ten truly wonderful years, years full of love, cuddles and care she had never known before.

Very sadly at only 24 years old, middle aged for a donkey, Gladys developed a degenerative disease in her tendons and after trying everything possible to help her and keep her pain free, the disease won over in the end and we had to do what was best for her. Gladys was such a fixture on our yard and in our hearts that the place will genuinely not be the same without her. She leaves behind Lola and Lola’s daughter Nora, who were rescued with her and were probably all one family group although we will never know for sure.

Our senior citizen donkey, Briar, has been keeping Gladys company for the last couple of months whilst we tried and hoped for a recovery, and as donkeys pair very strongly, we will watch Briar very closely for the next few weeks to make sure that she doesn’t miss Gladys too much. Donkeys can die of a broken heart when they lose a friend and losing Gladys has broken all of our hearts. Goodnight big girl, we will all miss you terribly.

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