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The Horse Trust supports BARTA’s first ever Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Congress

Did you know that The Horse Trust was the main sponsor of the British Animal Rescue and Trauma Care Association (BARTA) International Congress held in Prague 2015? This ground breaking conference as we recognise the need to improve the safety and skills of fire-fighters and vets dealing with animal rescue in dynamic or pressured situations, which will in turn improve the welfare of horses all over the world. This also goes hand in hand with the horse handling training The Horse Trust delivers with the support of BARTA to fire-fighters and officers.

The vision for the conference was to bring like minded people together in order to develop relationships that will help support each other and extend knowledge and understanding in order to deal effectively with animal related incidents.

The conference was a huge success and offered information that was applicable to a wide variety of audiences including: Veterinary surgeons, farmers, horse owners, event organisers, animal transporters, emergency planners, fire and rescue service or other emergency responders.

Speakers and delegates joined together from all over the world to bring a huge amount of expertise into one room. The level of enthusiasm and passion from all that attended was clear with everyone having a common interest in keeping people and animals safe.

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