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The Horse Trust Remembers Our Nation’s War Horses

Animals in War

On Friday 8th November The Horse Trust will attend a special remembrance service at the Animals in War monument on London’s Park Lane. The Horse Trust will lay a wreath on behalf of all our supporters in memory of the war horses that lost their lives serving with the British army.

First Motorised Horse Ambulance

During World War 1 (WW1) The Horse Trust played a vital role in helping serving horses by providing the first motorised horse ambulance, which transported wounded horses from the front line in France. In 2 years this ambulance travelled 13,000 miles and carried over 1,000 injured horses to safety.  The ambulance was so successful that the War Office commissioned more and by the end of the war 14 of these vehicles were in operation in France, saving many thousands of horses’ lives.

Army Horses Given a Dignified Retirement

To this day The Horse Trust maintains a close relationship with Britain’s armed forces helping horses that have served in the army by providing many with a dignified retirement after years of service.

In 1919 our first ever war horse veteran San Toy retired to our Home of Rest after serving in both the Boer and WW1 campaigns. He enjoyed a long and peaceful retirement until his death in 1923.

Currently The Horse Trust is home to horses who have served in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, The Kings Troop, The Light Cavalry HAC and The Royal Mews. Commando retired from The Blues and Royals of The Household Cavalry in August 2012. He is one of the few horses that has participated in the Royal Wedding, both Golden and Diamond Jubilee parades and has also been a Standard Bearer and an Officer’s Charger.

Army horses work hard serving our country for many years and The Horse Trust is honoured to provide a place of rest for horses like Commando when they retire from service. You can help us provide Commando with the retirement he truly deserves. To find out more about our nation’s War Horses and how you can help, follow this link.

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