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The Horse Trust Holds Rug and Tack Sale to Help Spindles Farm Horses

The Horse Trust is holding a rug and tack sale on Saturday 11 September between 12 and 4pm at its sanctuary in Speen, Buckinghamshire.

The money raised from the yard sale will help fund the care of the horses living at the charity’s Home of Rest, including the Spindles Farm horses. The Horse Trust regularly receives donations of rugs and tack from supporters. Having additional rugs helps the charity when dealing with emergency welfare cases, such as the Spindles Farm horses, who may need a rug to protect them. However, the charity’s rug and tack store is now overflowing, so it has decided to sell its surplus stock. Last year, The Horse Trust raised £3,000 in its yard sale, and the charity hopes to raise even more this year. “This is a great opportunity for horse owners to pick up an affordable high-quality rug or tack, at the same time as supporting the Spindles Farm horses,” said Susan Lewis, Marketing and Fundraising Manager at The Horse Trust. “It costs us £3,000 a year to look after each of our horses, so it would be great if we could beat last year’s amount to enable us to continue taking in welfare cases.” The Horse Trust is currently looking after 10 horses, ponies and donkeys that were rescued from Spindles Farm in January 2008.


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