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SEIB Award Winners

We are delighted and extremely thankful to SEIB Insurance Brokers for their generous grant of £10,000.

The fourth annual SEIB Insurance Brokers Awards took place at Dallas Burston Polo Club in Warwickshire on the 8th September. The much anticipated £43,000 SEIB Charity Awards which grants precious funds to 10 small and medium sized charities were the main focus of the event. Following rounds of nominations and then a final vote by the customers of SEIB, Princes Risborough based charity, we were delighted to be awarded the top prize.

SEIB’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Suzy Middleton and Chief Operations Officer, Bipin Thaker presented a cheque for £10,000 and a commemorative plaque to our colleagues Jan Rogers and Jessica Keane (pictured above). Nine other charities reached the final voting stage of the SEIB Charity Awards and received a further £33,000 from SEIB between them.

Jan Rogers, Director of Research and Policy for The Horse Trust said: ““We’re immensely grateful to SEIB for making this hugely generous award available, particularly after such a terribly tough time, and to all the people who voted for The Horse Trust to receive these funds. A gift of this size will make a significant contribution to our unique work with and for horses, including advancing veterinary and social research into important health conditions that affect all our equine friends.”

The SEIB Charity Awards have strict entry criteria; only small and medium charities are eligible. In light of the many and often overwhelming demands placed on charities by Covid-19, for the second year running, any money granted by SEIB can be used as the charity sees fit and to cover running costs for the charity. In previous years the grant had to be awarded for a specific project. SEIB introduced this flexibility into the awards to ensure that the money granted will really make a difference.

The general public nominated their favourite charities in the first stage of the decision-making process for the 2021 SEIB Charity Awards before SEIB clients went on to have the final vote for the top 10 placings and the recipient of the £10,000 top prize. The Charities Trust provided SEIB with their help to carry out due diligence to ensure that each of the finalists met all criteria of the grant and are above board. SEIB works closely with the charitable sector and insures many charities and non-for-profit organisations, this has been enhanced through the recent purchase by SEIB of leading independent ethical broker, WRS Insurance Brokers.

SEIB has supported many charities that are close to the hearts of their customers for many years. SEIB’s Deputy Chairman, Barry Fehler said: “We have taken this opportunity to celebrate excellence within the industries we operate in. We are proud to be able to support these three different sectors that have felt the effects of the pandemic and provide some recognition of outstanding efforts within the charitable, funeral and equestrian industries. We are delighted that our customers have decided which of these very worthy causes should receive the grant. SEIB is so successful because we are totally customer focussed and this is another way that our clients can have their say”.

Photo:  SEIB Insurance Brokers CEO, Suzy Middleton and COO Bipin Thaker present the SEIB £10K for Charity cheque to Jan Rogers and Jessica Keane of The Horse Trust.

Full results

SEIB Giving Awards 2021

Presented by Suzy Middleton SEIB CEO, Bipin Thaker SEIB COO and Chris Clark MD, Ecclesiastical Planning services

10th Place – Bransby Horses Rescue and Welfare – Sally Crawford and Emma Carter – £2,000

9th Place – World Horse Welfare – Roly Owers – Chief Executive of World Horse Welfare – £2,000

8th Place – Proteus Reptile Trust – Amy Taranaski and Neil Swann – £2,000

7th Place – SiMBA Charity – Lisa Hague and Gillian Wells – £2,500 – presented by Chris Clark, Suzy Middleton and Bipin Thaker

6th Place – Me&Dee Charity – Maria Hanson MBE and Anita Marbrow – £3,000

5th Place – Brent Lodge – £3,500

4th Place – Missing People – Sarah Wyn Jones and Christopher Mann – £4,000

3rd Place – Childrens Heart Unit Fund – £6,000

2nd Place – And highest placed small charity – Epsom RDA – Ray Lee – £8,000

1st Place – The Horse Trust – Jan Rogers and Jessica Keane – £10,000

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