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December 2023


Welfare Case

Best friend, Freddo!

Walter Before

Walter After

Walter is one of nine equines who was rescued from a small family business run as a community interest company hosting pony parties and claiming to provide equine-assisted therapy sessions for vulnerable people.

Walter is a beautiful dun, miniature Shetland pony. When he was rescued, he was underweight and had overgrown hooves. His coat was also riddled with lice that were causing him extreme discomfort.

Once he arrived at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary Walter could begin the first part of his recovery journey. He needed attention from the farrier to trim and rebalance his hooves to help distribute his weight more evenly. He also had the Equine Dental Technician (EDT) to rasp his teeth, which had grown sharp due to lack of dentistry.

Gradually, Walter began to get better. He was placed on a careful refeeding regime to ensure that he didn’t put on too much weight, too quickly. His lice were treated with medicated baths and his coat grew back.

Walter has made a full recovery and is thriving with his field mates. He is a firm favourite with all who meets him – everyone adores Walter! He loves attention and it is a pleasure to see the pony he has become.

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