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Rescue horse Teddy





October 2012


Welfare Case


Teddy Before

Teddy Before

Teddy After

Teddy After

For some of you, Teddy needs absolutely no introduction! He has captured the heart of the nation since arriving at The Horse Trust at 6 weeks old and is a huge character amongst our residents. He also has a regular slot on our Facebook page keeping his fans updated with his latest activities!

Teddy was brought to The Horse Trust in October 2012, after being rescued by Thames Valley Police and a local county councillor. Teddy was just a feeble, young foal when he was found abandoned on the side of the road. He was starving and alone with no sign of his mother. Teddy was so sick that he very nearly died, so had to be sent to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) for emergency treatment.

When Teddy arrived back from hospital, he was paired with our late Uncle George. Uncle George at the time was a 34-year-old Shetland pony who took young Teddy under his wing, teaching him all there was to know about life and being a pony! It is safe to say, without a mother’s guidance, Teddy would not be the young man he is today without his Uncle George.

After making a miracle recovery, Teddy has gone on to become a very successful riding and driving pony. He is very laid-back and has a lovely attitude to life and his work. His greatest achievement to date is winning the ‘In Hand Rescue’ class at Equifest 2019. Equifest is one of the biggest horse shows in the country and it was our Teddy that took it by complete storm, one of our proudest moments!

(Teddy profile photo credit: Amanda Jane Smith Photography)

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