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December 2023


Welfare Case


Spartan Before

Spartan After

Spartan was one of nine equines who was rescued from a small family business run as a community interest company hosting pony parties and claiming to provide equine-assisted therapy sessions for vulnerable people.

Spartan was just three years old at the time of his rescue. From his condition it was clear that his needs had not been met for some time. He was underweight and his hooves were very overgrown. Upon examination our vets found that food was packed in between his teeth, which if left untreated would have led to infection had his rescuers not intervened and helped him.

One of our partnering National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) charities, The Mare & Foal Sanctuary, took Spartan in for the first part of his recovery. An Equine Dental Technician (EDT) visited to rasp down his teeth and clear any packed food and the farrier came to trim his hooves. However, when the farrier arrived he found that Spartan had a severe thrush infection in his hooves. This caused the sole and frogs of his feet to become soft and bleed when they were picked out. Spartan’s farrier advised treatment for the thrush and Spartan had to spend time in a very clean, dry stable to protect his hooves from getting wet while the infection cleared.

Thankfully, with time and treatment, Spartan gained weight and his feet healed. Once he was recovered and was feeling more comfortable in himself, his sweet personality began to shine through.

Spartan is a sweet and loving boy once he gets to know you and gains your trust. He is a very small pony, with a unique personality, and he definitely likes to take charge in the group! Our Knowledge and Skills team is working closely with Spartan as he is very anxious. He’s currently going through a training plan for routine checks, supplemented by positive reinforcement, so that he can associate his environment with good again.

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