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Dark bay


June 2016


Lancashire Constabulary

Ex-colleague Sawley!

Silverdale Working

Silverdale Retired

Silverdale, is a former Lancashire police horse. This striking 16.3hh dark bay mare is a Shire cross Thoroughbred, who carries the fabulous nicknames of Princess and Bubble! Silverdale covered all general police patrols, local football matches and various public order situations including fracking demonstrations and English Defence League marches.

This laid back character was a great teacher for the younger horses and has given great confidence to the riders who have had the privilege of working with her. Her calm presence has given her the honour of leading many ceremonial events such as Remembrance Day parades and weddings.

Described as bombproof as any horse can be, Silverdale was a trustworthy member of the team and is an absolute diamond but her working career sadly came to an end due to significant heart problem.

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