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July 2021


University of Nottingham Vet School


Scabby Working

Scabby working

Scabby Retired

Scabby retired

Scarborough Flyer (stable name Scabby) retired The Horse Trust in July 2021.

Scabby came to us after an interesting career as a training horse at the University of Nottingham Vet School where he worked for 7 years and 6 months. He started out as a racehorse. However he didn’t excel in this field and was therefore retired to the British Racing School (BRS) where he went onto teach many young jockey’s their trade. Scabby has a heart condition and although it has never troubled him, performance was never his forte. After some time at the BRS, Scabby started to suffer from lameness and was then retired from the BRS to Nottingham Vet School where he became a fantastic teaching horse.

In his role at Nottingham Vet School, Scabby taught countless veterinary students how to handle horses and, given his heart condition, he was a fantastic example of heart murmurs in horses. His contribution to teaching was immense, teaching everyone from school children in outreach activities to specialist veterinary surgeons.

Scabby retired to us age 19 as his hindlimb lameness now makes him less useful for teaching basic horse handling as he understandably dislikes having his legs lifted multiple times in a session. He is an adorable horse and proving popular with our grooms!

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