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Poppy - rescue horse





September 2018


Welfare case


Poppy Before

Poppy After

In October 2018 The Horse Trust took Poppy into care after she was seized by the RSPCA.  She had been left to fend for herself with an untreated injury to her leg on very poor grazing in a field strewn with rubbish.  If this wasn’t bad enough Poppy was also around 3 months pregnant with twins.

She was in such poor condition that it was decided that her best chance of survival was to transfer her directly to The Royal Veterinary College where she received around the clock care.  On admission she weighed only 400kgs and had a body score of just 1/5.  Her teeth had sharp edges which would have been very painful as well as a laceration to her leg and a high worm burden.  Sadly a few days later Poppy lost both her unborn foals.

After several months of intensive care by both the teams at the RVC and The Horse Trust Poppy is transformed and is unrecognisable from the horse that was rescued. Poppy is a much loved member of The Horse Trust family and now has a home for life where she will never suffer neglect or cruelty again.

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