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April 2021


Metropolitan Police

Friend, Silverdale

Orla Working

Orla Retired

Orla came to The Horse Trust after 10 years of service with the Metropolitan Police.

She served at numerous public order and ceremonial events across London including football matches and demonstrations. Orla spent most of her operation career at West Hampstead Stables, where on a day-to-day basis she was often the go-to horse chosen by supervisors due to her bravery and ‘usually’ impeccable behaviour. She was deployed at events and demonstrations such as Premiership Football fixtures, Million Mask Marches, EDL and BLM protests. Orla also made visits to Buckingham Palace for The Changing of the Guard and escorting The Household Cavalry whilst performing The Queen’s Life Guard.

In recent years, as Orla was no longer up to long days and arduous patrols, she moved to the Training Establishment at Imber Court where she escorted young horses in training. Here, Orla helped to give confidence and proved a reliable friend whilst these young horses were learning the ropes on the roads.

After a magnificent 10 years of service, Orla has been retired due to lameness. She has been described by those who worked with her at the Metropolitan Police as ‘a lovely, quiet, dependable mare who will be missed by all.’

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