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Grey roan


December 2023


Welfare Case

Best friend Sven!

Olaf Before

Olaf After

Olaf was one of nine equines who was rescued from a small family business run as a community interest company hosting pony parties and claiming to provide equine-assisted therapy sessions for vulnerable people.

Olaf was just three years old when he was rescued. He was severely underweight, and his skin was flaky. Large chunks of his coat were also missing across his back and down his legs due to a louse infestation, that was causing him serious discomfort.

Luckily Olaf made a full recovery and is now a healthy weight. His coat regrew well, showing his gorgeous roan colouring with white hairs in the summer turning almost black in the winter.

Olaf’s best friend throughout it all has been little Sven. They do everything together!

Olaf is described as a sweet soul, who’s a pleasure to work with. He loves his treat ball, blackberries and playing.

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