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March 2019


Lancashire Police


Nelson Working

Nelson Retired

Nelson arrived at The Horse Trust in October 2019 after retiring from the Lancashire Police Mounted Section after 6 years of service.

Nelson or ‘Nelly’ as he is affectionately known, is a beautiful, gentle giant! During his time at Lancashire Police Mounted Section he has participated in all policing duties and proved to be a valuable team member throughout the years.

Unfortunately, in 2015, when Nelson was assisting with a large scale disorder at a North West Infidel demonstration, he was attacked by a Catherine wheel firework. After the incident it was decided that it was best for Nelson to base himself in the training department where he was predominantly used as a riding school horse teaching new and current recruits to ride.

Nelson was a favourite amongst the team and public. Out on patrol he would often make friends and receive endless attention for his cheeky personality and good looks!

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