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April 2024


Household Cavalry

Ear scratches!

Incognito Working

Incognito Retired

Incognito, AKA Coggie spent 16 years with the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) working hard in all aspects of the HCMR’s work. This included Trooping the Colour, the Lord Mayor’s Parade, State Opening of Parliament, the royal weddings of William & Kate and Harry & Meghan, the Platinum and Diamond Jubilee celebrations for the late Queen as well as being ridden during her funeral.

Speaking about Incognito on his retirement, the regiment said “MWH Incognito has served his regiment and his country amicably and has provided years of faithful service. His dedication to the role has seen no limits to what this horse has achieved. From proving a steady mount on parade with a tuba or a sword, to jumping at Royal Windsor Horse Show this horse has touched the hearts of all the regiment and has shown how remarkable the Cavalry Black can be.”

Coggie has suffered with forelimb lameness that he received treatment for, but this was short-lived and it became evident that for him to become sound enough to continue his work was unlikely, and therefore he was retired to spend the rest of his days with several of his colleagues here in the Chiltern Hills. We are so very pleased to welcome Incognito to our herd and look forward to loving and caring for him throughout his retirement!

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