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June 2023


Household Cavalry

Having his back leg scratched!

Hagrid Working

Black Cavalry horse being ridden by a King's Lifeguard

Hagrid Retired

Hagrid arrived at at The Horse Trust alongside his friend Fenella on the day of our 2023 Horses, Hounds & Heroes event, where he took part in his last official service work at our horse parade. He marked a brilliant end to a 17-year-long fruitful career with the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

Hagrid certainly lives up to his name, well-known amongst his team as being a big, strong, courageous, but gentle horse… although he wasn’t so keen on the loud noises made by the band at the parade! He was surrounded by a very supportive team though, who always made sure he didn’t get stressed by standing him the furthest away from the drums.

Hagrid was well known as a leader amongst his group, and even carried the standard at Royal Parade on a few occasions. In his spare time he was renowned for being quite the showjumper, and he even went on to win the armed forces Show Jumping at Royal Windsor Horse Show!

After carefully assessing Hagrid’s tendon injury and his age, the HCMR decided it was time for Hagrid to begin a slower pace of life. We’re delighted that we can give Hagrid the peaceful retirement he deserves amongst the hills here at our Home of Rest for Horses.

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