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Fidget and Widget - rescue horses





August 2014


Welfare Case

Running circles around the grooms!

Fidget & Widget Before

Fidget & Widget After

Fidget & Widget now

Shetland ponies Fidget and Widget were found in a field in Hertfordshire with no grass to eat and drinking from a small puddle.

They were both very underweight and suffering from lice and worm infestations. Poor Fidget even had a very prominent back bone which could easily be felt through his thick coat and an infection in one of his eyes. Widget’s teeth were worn right down, indicating that he had been chewing excessively in search for food. It was clear that both ponies were enduring pain from the neglect and conditions they had been left in. On arrival, Widget deteriorated rapidly and was found to have a respiratory infection and needed urgent veterinary treatment. After numerous blood tests, it also showed he was showing signs of liver disease too.

With careful management, veterinary treatment and round the clock care from our team, Fidget and Widget made good progress and showed signs that they were on the road to recovery. These little chaps are inseparable and the best of friends! They have very cheeky personalities and we love seeing them play together. After their ordeal, we are proud to offer them a home for life where they can always feel safe.

Sadly, the number of horses, ponies and donkeys in need of rescuing grow larger and larger and these cases become more evident. With your help and support, we can continue to provide the right care and help prevent others from suffering the same terrible ordeal that these poor two endured.

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