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October 2019


Greater Manchester Mounted Police


Copperfield Working

Copperfield Retired

Copperfield arrived at The Horse Trust in October 2019 after serving the Greater Manchester Mounted Police for 4 years.

Copperfield is also known as ‘Dave’ after the famous Charles Dickens book character David Copperfield! This lovely chap participated in all policing duties to a high standard proving to be a superb police horse. Copperfield has policed numerous football matches in Manchester and has attended lots of concerts! One of his career highlights was when he lead the Manchester Pride Parade in 2017.

Even though Copperfield is only the spritely young age of 10, he unfortunately suffers from early onset neck arthritis which means he is no longer suitable for ridden work. He will live out his years in the expert care and beautiful setting of The Horse Trust, along with ex-police horses and old buddies!

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