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Lancashire Police


Caton Working

Caton Retired

Lancashire Police Horse Caton was described as ‘fearless’ and is one of the bravest police horses that has worked for the Lancashire Constabulary.

He has a noticeable swagger, which made him stand out from the rest and was happy to lead his pals into any situation, big or small. In his downtime, he was the undefeated football champion of the Mounted Branch and received a space hopper for Christmas every year, where he showed off his dribbling skills. He loved a fresh bed of shavings and showed his appreciation by getting back in bed for a morning snooze. After a patrol, he used to pester other horses for a good mutual grooming session.

Lancashire Police said that he will be missed greatly but always remembered as a fantastic police horse and lovable friend. He enjoys hanging out with old Lancashire Police pals Sawley, Belthorn and Silverdale here at The Horse Trust.

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