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October 2016


Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery

Herd-mate Perry!

Bulowayo Working

Bulowayo Retired

Bulowayo, affectionately known as ‘Billy’ served on many parades such as Trooping the Colour, State Visits and several country shows.

This chap started his career in the Gun Team. The gun is drawn by six horses, the three drivers riding the near horses of the respective pairs. On the march, the gun is attached to the limber, a two-wheeled carriage for ammunition drawn by the gun team. Bulawayo was a brave and bold chap during his role in the gun team.

Sadly he sustained an injury and was no longer able to partake in this role; from then on he served as a Trumpeters horse. Unfortunately, he later developed a lameness that meant he could no longer carry out the work required.

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