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audrey - retired military horse







Royal Logistics Corps

Hedge hopping!

Audrey Working

Audrey Retired

Audrey is a very sweet 16.1hh bay mare who was retired to us following a diagnosis of kissing spines, which means she could no longer be ridden and needed a slower pace of life .

Audrey has had a varied and colourful career, including:
  • Winning ‘Mounted Skill At Arms’ and ‘Tentpegging’ competitions on behalf of the RLC (Royal Logistics Corps) and Army at venues including Royal Windsor Horse Show.
  • Taking part in Living History Displays and Army Battlefield Studies, she was the only horse to have ever led a mounted contingent through the Menin Gate in living memory!
  • Travelling in an original horse-drawn ambulance at two Horse Trust open days.
  • Promoting the RLC Mounted Sports Club at RLC Open Days, leading the team every year in the Skill At Arms Display.
  • Featuring in our WW1 100th Anniversary Memorial Day in 2018, which was attended by HRH The Princess Royal!
Audrey has also enjoyed plenty of hedge-hopping and cross country outings in her downtime, and will be very missed by the RLC.
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