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Meet Bear – Our Resquip Mannequin

The Horse Trust would like you to meet our newest resident. He is very different to all our other residents… apparently he doesn’t need expensive stables or even food… because he is a mannequin! This handy horse will be invaluable in training the Fire and Rescue Services that we train here at The Horse Trust, providing a life size “horse” for them to safely practice rescue techniques on.

Bear is built with particular emphasis on making him as life-like as possible: mimicking joint articulation, muscle definition and tones. All these features help the emergency services to train using a model as close to the real thing as possible. The Resquip Mannequin has been engineered in such a fashion that it is possible to lock his legs, meaning it can stand unsupported on its own hooves; essential for many rescue training situations, particularly those involving water and mud entrapment.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Tony from Resquip Rescue Training Equipment (pictured) for delivering our new horse mannequin to us this week. Resquip is one of only two firms in the world who make the life-sized mannequins, with the other based in America.

The mannequin’s colour and markings are based on our very own rescue horse Teddy, hence the name Bear!  Rescue resident Teddy seemed quite fond of his other plastic half!  As long as he doesn’t get his own blog on our Facebook site like Teddy, I think we are safe!

Please feel free to browse Resquip’s website to find out more information on their products.

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